Hospo Voice

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild a better hospitality industry, and we can’t waste a single second. 

#RebuildHospo is about fighting to ensure hospo workers aren’t sexually harassed, where wage theft is off the menu, dodgy bosses are held to account, and we’re not seen as disposable assets. And where we have one big powerful union voice.

This will only works if we give this everything we’ve got. With the power of us all working together we can rise from this crisis, turn the tables on dodgy bosses and change this industry for good all over Australia! That’s what #RebuildHospo is about.  

We are coming together to support workers across Australia. We’re using digital tools and online organising to reach out to hospo workers everywhere. As a volunteer you’ll be part of meetings and talking to workers online and in our local communities. 

Hospo Voice volunteer activists are:

  • Attending online meetings to plan our campaign and protest
  • Attending webinars to learn new skills (like peer-to-peer messaging, online campaigning)
  • Helping to shape our campaign goals and actions
  • Texting and calling other hospo workers 
  • Administrating Facebook groups
  • Assisting other members with workplace issues as Mobilise Experts

Join the members who are stepping up to support workers across Australia – and let’s #RebuildHospo. We’re having online meetings regularly to welcome and brief new activists, find details on our Facebook page. Fill out the form and someone will be in touch!


For general enquiries please use the form.
If you have a question about an issue at work or your rights, head straight to our Mobilise app to get fast, reliable answers.

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