Our industry is meltdown but Hospo Voice members are stepping up.

We are coming together to support workers across the state. We're using digital tools and online organising to reach out to hospo workers everywhere. We know the hospo industry is going to be hit really hard by this emergency, so we need to come together now and figure out how we’ll get through it as a union. 

We aren't able to meet in the same physical space right now, therefore we will be staying connected by having zoom meetings, webinars, through peer to peer texting and making use of our existing online spaces. Volunteers are reaching out to workers in their local communities and showing their support. 

Hospo Voice volunteers are:

  • Attending zoom meetings to report on and discuss their local area
  • Attending webinars to learn more about how to organise and reach out to workers
  • Working in groups to address urgent issues like rent & housing, food & meals, resources & information, assistance for migrant workers, mental health
  • Texting and calling other hospo workers 
  • Administrating Facebook groups

Join the members who are stepping up to supporting workers across the state so no one gets left behind. We're having online meetings twice a week to welcome new activists, find details about the next one here. Fill out the form and someone will be in touch!