By coming together we can change the culture of this industry and make sure hospo workers feel safe, respected when we go to work and paid properly for our hard work. That’s why dozens of hospo workers are helping lead our campaign to fight wage theft and sexual harassment.

Hospo Voice volunteers are:

  • joining local action groups and working with members in their area to plan and execute actions
  • attending workplace rights training sessions in order to advise Hospo Voice members about their rights, and how to enforce them on the Hospo Voice website as a "Hospo Hero"
  • calling and texting workers to let them know about upcoming meetings, actions and campaigns
  • tackling sexual harassment in our workplaces by signing venues up to the Respect is the Rule pledge, and following up with these venues
  • attending actions to show solidarity with brave workers who are speaking out against wage theft

Join us as we run awareness campaigns and take action to hold employers accountable for how we are treated. Together we can make a real difference in our industry. Fill out the form and someone will be in touch!