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We are demanding that the Morrison Government provide two weeks paid special leave for the 3.3 million Australians who have no access to paid leave, and face having to stay away from work because of Coronavirus.

Why is this important?

We are saying with one big loud voice: it’s time for the Federal Government to step up and support casual workers and the businesses that employ them.

Everyone besides this government understands that casual workers cannot afford to go into quarantine for two weeks without pay.

Nor can these workers afford to go on Newstart which is just $40 a day and below the poverty line. And many workers aren’t even eligible.

No one wants casual workers going to work who are sick simply because they can’t afford to lose pay.

Lots of businesses are doing the right thing and supporting their staff.

But many small businesses are already on their knees from the bushfires and they face another massive blow from the Coronavirus.

Now is the time for real leadership.

We need this government to step in and ensure all workers forced to take leave because of Coronavirus can do so, and not be left out of pocket.

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