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Mobilise is two weeks old!

July 28, 2020

Hospo Voice’s new app Mobilise has been live for just over two weeks and in that time the number of members who’ve downloaded it has now ticked over 100.

We’re pretty stoked. A big welcome to you all!

You’ve been busy asking lots of questions too. Our Mobilise Experts (a crack team of highly-trained Hospo Voice volunteers) have now answered over 200 different questions. 

Your questions really bring home how hard it can be for hospo workers to find out our rights. But Mobilise solves that problem for Hospo Voice members. 

And one of the coolest things about Mobilise is that it’s built with artificial intelligence (AI). 

That means every question you ask helps build the brain of our Mobilise Bot, and that means when another member asks a similar question, they’ll get an immediate answer. 

Bit by bit, our Mobilise Bot gets smarter and smarter.  That means it can answer more and more questions, faster and faster. 

So we want to give a big shout out to everyone who asked a question. You’re not just helping yourself, you’re helping every single Hospo Voice member (that’s basically the essence of unionism: we’re stronger together). 

Here are some of the excellent questions that caught our eye over the last fortnight:

Want to know the answers? 

It’s easy. Just post a question about these issues, or anything else you want to know.

Learn more about The Mobilise App!

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