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How to quit your job in hospo: The art of the smooth exit

February 18, 2021

Here’s one way to sweeten the blow

How to quit your job without hurting your career

Quitting a job that has reached its use-by date is something most of us will face. We’ve all been tempted to throw the apron on the floor and storm out yelling, “I’m done with this s***hole!”. But it’s probably not the most mature way to quit your job. Word travels fast, especially in hospo! 

Here are some tips on how to quit your job without hurting your career.

Give some notice

Giving your employer the minimum notice will keep you in their good graces (even if they aren’t in yours). If you’re feeling really generous, give them more than the minimum (if you can). It shows goodwill and gives them time to fill your role. Of course, if you have another job lined up, that is more important, the minimum notice will do.

Here are the standard notice periods outlined by Fair Work, under the Restaurant Award. Don’t forget to check your employment contract, or other registered agreements as it’s possible you could have already agreed to give extra notice upon termination. Or if you’re not sure, check out the Pay Checker tool on the Mobilise App.

These notice periods apply to both the Restaurant Industry and Hospitality Industry (General) Awards

What about casuals?

If you’re a casual employee, you don’t technically have to give any notice, unless it’s required by a registered agreement, award or employment contract. Check your original contract to make sure. If you don’t have one, you’re safe! 

Do you have to work out the notice period?

Unless you and your employer have discussed otherwise, you must work out your minimum notice period. We get it, it’s so hard to stay motivated when you’ve got one foot out the door. But the unfortunate thing is people will remember if you’re slacking off in your last week. You don’t want to be THAT person…

If your employer decides they want you to finish up straight away, usually they have to pay out the minimum notice period, even if you don’t work. Sometimes, they might ask you to take leave without pay instead of working. If this happens, check the Mobilise app or contact Fair Work to make sure they’re not breaching their employment contract with you. 

What’s the best way to give notice?

We always think it’s best to tell your direct manager in person. You should have your official letter of resignation ready in this meeting. We recommend this as it means there is no argument over the date of the notice period. It’s also a chance for you to be graceful and thank them for the opportunity. You can find a letter of resignation template from FairWork here

Should you give feedback about your experience as an employee?

If you’ve had a negative experience and you think management might be receptive, you could tell them the reason you’re quitting. It’s best to frame it professionally so it will help them improve conditions for future staff members.

How do you quit your job if you’re on good terms with the boss?

Leaving a job even if it’s not “terrible” is 100% okay! Sometimes you have hit your salary limit, stopped learning, or know it’s not the job for you. Make sure you explain the genuine reasons to your boss and let them know it’s nothing to do with them. If they’re decent, they’ll support your decision. 

When you’re leaving on good terms, make sure you manage the relationships so you can score a glowing reference for future gigs.

How do you quit your job if you’re in a terrible work environment and want to get out unscathed?

Make sure you have all your paperwork in order and get everything in writing. Make it hard for them to short-change you in accrued annual leave or owed superannuation. It’s even a good idea to email them after you resign to outline the calculations of what they owe you. It’s always better to sort out any ‘miscalculations’ before the money hits your bank account and you’ve walked out those doors

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