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How the Mobilise app could make you money

December 7, 2020

Introducing the Mobilise app by Hospo Voice! We’ve got a pretty bold claim – if you download Mobilise by Hospo Voice, it could actually make you money. There aren’t many apps that can claim that!

If you don’t believe us, here are some examples of hospo workers who have our Mobilise app to thank for thousands of dollars.

How Mobilise helped Jacqui*

Jacqui worked in a bar in Melbourne’s Inner North. She worked there for 3 years before Melbourne’s lockdown forced her to stop work. While she was at home, she started looking through her pay slips and realised they owed her a few thousand dollars in annual leave. That’s when she asked a question on Mobilise. 

We looked at her paperwork and realised they also hadn’t paid her the 17.5% casual loading. So, they actually owed her over $4500.

What did we do? Unfortunately, this stuff happens ALL THE TIME. In the Mobilise app, we have a bunch of templates for just this scenario. They’re factual and really easy to understand. Jacqui simply downloaded the template, put in all her details and sent the letter to her employers. 

Within 15 minutes she had a response saying the full and final payment would be in her account by close of business. Now that is what we call a result!

How the Hospo Voice Mobilise app helped Max*

Max’s employer told him he was on a ‘zombie agreement’ which is why they didn’t have to pay him the award wage. These agreements were implemented during the Howard Government’s WorkChoices era, and thousands of workers are still stuck in them

Max couldn’t find any evidence to support a zombie agreement and suspected he was being underpaid. He contacted Fair Work but the situation didn’t get resolved, so he contacted us through our new Mobilise app. 

The expert he spoke to realised his employer didn’t have a workplace agreement with Max, and the award covered him. Which meant that his employers had underpaid Max thousands of dollars. 

Our expert supported Max to do all the calculations then Max took them back to his employer. Eventually, they agreed to back pay him thousands of dollars. The best part is Max kept his job and is now being paid what he’s worth.

How the Mobilise app for Hospo Voice helped Priya*

Priya was working as a cook in an Indian restaurant in Adelaide. She worked there for 10 years at a flat rate of $21 per hour with no penalty rates. She used the PayChecker feature on Mobilise and realised she was being seriously underpaid. 

Priya contacted us at Mobilise to ask how she could win back her stolen wages. We got in touch with her and showed her how to make an underpayment claim using our template letter. When she sent through the letter to her employer, they admitted they had underpaid her $15,000 plus long service leave.  

Now that they have paid her back her wages, Priya has left and found a job where she’s being paid properly.

How our Mobilise app can help you

Mobilise has a heap of features, including:

Download our new app, Mobilise, to learn more about your rights at work (and maybe win back thousands of dollars in lost wages).

*We have changed workers names to protect their identities.

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