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Hospo Voice 2020 wrap up

December 27, 2020

Hospo Voice February leaders meeting (pre-covid)

Why 2020 has been the biggest year yet for Hospo Voice

We probably don’t need to launch into a diatribe about what a crap year 2020 has been. I mean, we’ve all lived through it (and are still living it – godspeed Sydney residents).

For Hospo Voice, it’s been big. We’ve expanded, battled wage theft, and launched some massive campaigns. In a challenging year, we hope that some of our actions have made a difference to our members. Here are some things we’ve been up to:

We launched the Rebuild Hospo campaign

When COVID-19 hit, 4 out of 5 hospo workers were casual. We started the Rebuild Hospo campaign to build a vision for good, secure jobs in our industry. Our epic Rebuild Hospo Report was one of the building blocks to explain this vision. Over 10,000 workers have taken action off the back of this report, both online and offline.

We helped to criminalise wage theft in Victoria and queensland

It’s kind of shocking we have to do this, don’t you think?! Thanks to huge public campaigns led by Hospo Voice members, we have helped criminalise wage theft in both Victoria and Queensland. Wage theft can take many forms including underpayment, not getting entitlements like leave and penalty rates and not being paid super. We’re so pumped that it’s now illegal in these two states, but the battle continues in 2021 with other states and territories in Australia.

We’ve gone national, baby

We launched Hospo Voice in Victoria in 2018 however we always planned to go national, and now we have! We have members, leaders and activists all over Australia and have action groups covering Wage Theft, Safe Respectful Workplaces, Migrant Workers and Secure Jobs. If joining one of these action groups sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch with us.

We held our first member organiser program

Way back in April (which seems like a lifetime ago), we held our first Hospo Voice organiser program. It was a paid, 8-week training and placement session where we learnt how to organise hospo workers, plan actions and help members learn their rights. We can’t wait to run a new program like it in 2021.

we hit 1000 members!

We’ve had massive growth in Hospo Voice this year. Thanks to our campaigns like Respect is the Rule, Wage Theft and Rebuild Hospo, we’ve grown membership by 94.5%. This means we have well over 1000 members all across the country. Congratulations to all of the hospo workers who joined our union this year!

Fair Plate is now available nationally

Have you checked out Fair Plate yet? It’s a website where you can review what really happens at hospitality venues. And before you apply for a job, you can check out the inside scoop on what staff really think about working there. We have now rolled it out nationally, and it has exposed wage theft in a heap of venues in Queensland and NSW. We’ve also had some high-profile exposés such as in A Current Affair and the Daily Mail. The more reviews the better it works though, so get cracking!

we launched mobilise

We launched our new app Mobilise, which gives you everything you need to make sure you’re being treated fairly at work. It’s got a PayChecker, it’s got fact sheets, it’s got a place where you can record your hours and a forum where you can connect with other members. Plus, you can ask our experts questions about your situation. Already our experts have answered over 500 questions and helped people like you win back thousands of dollars. Download it here if you haven’t already.

Wow, I think we can all agree it’s been a pretty epic year. Before we sign out, we just want to thank you, our members, for joining us on this crazy journey. We have loved connecting with all of you and finding out more about why you love hospo and want to make this industry better. 

We can’t wait to see what we achieve together in 2021. Together we’re unstoppable, join Hospo Voice now and let’s make next year even bigger! BRING IT ON!

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