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6 tips for working your way up to hospitality management

February 22, 2021

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How to get a promotion in the hospitality industry

You’ve been working your bum off for ages and you’re ready for some more responsibility. Whether you want to be in hospitality management in your current workplace or you’re ready to move on, here are our tips to help you get a kick arse promotion in hospo and look out for your fellow hospo workers while you’re at it.

1. Show interest and ask questions

If you’re interested in being in hospitality management, the first thing you need to do is show you’re interested. If you want to know more about something, the easiest thing to do is just ask. 

For example, if you want to be a manager in your café, you’ll need to know more about budgeting, customer service skills, marketing and management. If any things come up where your manager has to use these skills, ask how they solve the problem. And, of course, you need to be across the relevant award. The last thing you want is to become a dodgy boss!

2. Talk to your boss

While it’s great to be proactive and interested, your boss can’t read your mind. Sometimes hard work doesn’t get noticed until you tell your boss about your intentions. 

But don’t go in demanding a promotion, instead explain the sort of hospo job you’d like and ask your boss how you go about getting there. See if they can help your career progression by giving you the right opportunities when they come up.

A good employer will try to help you. If you’re working somewhere where you’re already getting ripped off, chances are you’ll be expected to tow the line and continue this culture of exploitation. If we’re going to improve our industry (and we’re going to!) then it’s workers like us that need to ensure we’re speaking up for our colleagues.

3. Be damn good at your job

Well duh, it sounds obvious. But you’re never going to get a promotion in hospitality until you’re amazing at what you’re already doing. This includes always turning up on time, dressing professionally, being a role model for your colleagues and doing the best job you can. 

Look out for red flags though. Working hard shouldn’t mean your employer takes advantage of you. Don’t do the job of a hospitality manager with the pay grade of a regular staffer or extra hours if you’re not paid for them.

4. Be proactive

One of the hospitality senior management roles and responsibilities you’ll need is problem solving. So, if you see a potential issue at work, show initiative and think of ways to solve it. This could be anything from dealing with a difficult customer, addressing a hazard in the workplaces, or ensuring you and your colleagues have the correct pay and conditions.

If it’s a safety issue, you could alert your boss and provide solutions for fixing it quickly. If it’s an issue with some colleagues, be a positive and diplomatic sounding board and attempt to find solutions. 

By showing your boss your leadership qualities, it will be an easy sell at promotion time.

5. Learn any skills you might be missing

If you’re looking at hospo management, you might need to consider up-skilling your computer skills. Usually with more power comes more time doing admin like rosters, editing of menus and reports. Make sure you’ve got reasonable Microsoft Word and Excel skills and if you don’t, check out a few videos on YouTube. You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to know the basics and be willing to learn more. 

You might think about doing some extra training like a barista course or cocktail making course. Be aware though that many cafes and bars like to train you their own way, so find out if it would be helpful first. Plus, your workplace should pay for any compulsory training, so don’t use your own money.

6. Get a mentor

Finding a mentor is a great way to get some dedicated hospo advice. This person should be someone you’ve worked with before who you look up to and knows your strengths and weaknesses. It’s even more of a bonus if they can help you network and share opportunities with you.

Becoming a Hospo Voice member is a great way to connect with industry professionals who are leading by example.

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