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How we’re fighting for climate justice in our union

July 26, 2021

Photo taken pre-covid at the 2019 climate strike

What you can do to help reduce climate change

We can’t bury our heads in the sand any longer – the impacts of climate change are getting pretty real. Every summer it seems to get hotter, making our workplaces unbearable. Extreme weather events like bushfires and floods are getting more regular and they can directly impact our livelihoods.

We all know we need to do more to fight climate change. Heaps of you donate time and money to various climate change organisation. But at Hospo Voice, we believe climate justice is union business too. So, we’re introducing the Climate Action Group – a place where we can work together to tackle climate change.  

Why climate justice is union business

Climate change is the biggest threat to our jobs, communities, health and safety at work. It’s pretty bloody scary to think how much could be impacted if we don’t do something and soon. But despite the imminent threats, there are many forces at work trying to stop any climate change action.

What are these forces?

Sounds familiar, right? We’ve been fighting these forces in our union work for a long time. And we know that when we work together and act as one, we can defeat them.

That’s why climate justice is union business. We believe if we bring our collective strength together, we can turn hope into action. We bring bravery, power and a strong understanding of the power of collectivism for the greater good.  

How our members are taking action

Hospo Voice and United Workers Union members have joined forces to form the Climate Action Group (CAG). This group is all about harnessing our collective power for good.

After the fires in 2019-20, we established a $500,000 Climate Disaster Relief fund. We gave direct financial and legal support to members directly impacted by the fires (and other future climate disasters), or who volunteered with an emergency service organisation. 

But we knew there was more we could do. In the past year, we have:

We have regular meetings both online and in various locations around the country to come up with actionable ideas on ways we can reduce climate change. We know we need to reimagine what our world looks like in a zero-emissions future and we’re committed to coming up with ways our workers can protect our workplaces and communities from the impacts of climate change. Each of our members brings their own real-world expertise to planning and implementation.

How you can get involved with climate justice

How do you know if CAG is for you?

Do you feel you want to do something about climate change but you’re not sure what?

Do you feel powerless about climate justice in Australia and feel like it’s too big or difficult to tackle on your own?

Do you care about climate change but don’t see yourself in an environmental movement?

Then the Climate Action Group is for you. Our group is a space to learn and share ideas. We want to support building climate leaders in workplaces. We want to bring the fight for jobs front and centre to our future.

Fighting for climate justice is our next step for making a difference.

Join us in the fight for climate justice with our Climate Action Group 

Want to know more about climate action?

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