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5 ways Hospo Voice members are fighting back

September 29, 2021

Dodgy venues are exploiting hospitality workers. And they’re getting rich doing it. 

Misclassification. Underpayment. Unpaid super. “Reasonable” over time. These are just some of the ways venues steal and take advantage of workers. 

It’s not a new phenomenon either, hospitality workers have been treated poorly for years.

But hospitality workers have had enough. They’re drawing a line in the sand and fighting back.

Check out how Hospo Voice members are working towards a fairer future.


Unions balance out the power between bosses and workers (and the government and workers, too) so workers, like you, can have your voice heard.

But for unions to work they need numbers. The more members we have, the more powerful and loud our voice becomes. It’s easy for the government to ignore a few voices in the room, but thousands of hospitality workers, standing together, are much harder (nigh, impossible) to tune out.

Learn more about Hospo Voice memberships and join your union here.

getting educated & Enforcing their rights

Hospo Voice members get access to online workshops, masterclasses, fact-sheets, digital tools, and editable templates through our app Mobilise, and our online Member Hub.

This ensures that Hospo Voice members have 24-7 access to accurate, up-to-date information on their rights at work. It’s all tailored for hospitality workers, too, so you don’t need to spend hours on FairWork trying to understand what applies to you.

It’s important to understand your rights at work because you can’t always trust that your venue is doing the right thing. Like *Sam, who didn’t realize he wasn’t getting casual loading until he checked his pay on Mobilise.

Heaps of Hospo Voice members are using our resources and tools to fight for stolen wages, report harassment, and educate their co-workers on what is and isn’t fair. As they say – knowledge is power!

Learn more about accessing our resources here.

Reviewing their venues on Fair Plate

You’ve heard of Fair Plate, right? It’s an online review site that lets hospitality workers anonymously review their venues.

Over 5,000 workers have already submitted reviews on Fair Plate – allowing other workers and customers to see which venues are (and aren’t) doing the right thing.

Fair Plate reviews have been the catalyst for many of our campaigns – like our campaign against Rockpool Dining Group, which exposed hundreds of thousands in unpaid wages. Click here to leave a Fair Plate review now.

Leading campaigns and working groups

Hospo Voice is campaigning on several issues at the moment, including:

These campaigns were all chosen by Hospo Voice members, and are worker-led. If you’re passionate about creating a fairer hospitality industry, are keen to network and make friends, and are interested in stepping up and volunteering, click here.

asking questions on Mobilise

Mobilise is our app for hospitality workers. There are heaps of tools and resources available in Mobilise, but the most popular is definitely ‘Ask Mobilise’.

Ask Mobilise is an online chat tool that allows hospitality workers to ask our Mobilise experts questions about their rights at work. Mobilise experts are hospitality workers – just like you – that have been trained by Hospo Voice to assist workers.

Our Mobilise experts get to engage with heaps of hospitality workers and have been instrumental in helping workers understand their rights, win back stolen wages, quit toxic jobs, and more. You can learn more about Mobilise here. If you’re keen to volunteer as a Mobilise expert you can apply to volunteer here.

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