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5 TIKTOK accounts all hospo workers should follow

July 13, 2021

We’ve fallen down the TikTok rabbit hole – and we’re not trying to escape.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of, downloaded, deleted, and re-downloaded TikTok.  And who could blame you? Whether you’re bored at home in lockdown or looking to distract yourself in those few fleeting moments between customers, the TikTok algorithm always delivers.

And we’ve finally jumped on board too – launching the Hospo Voice TikTok account a couple of weeks ago.

In celebration, we wanted to share with you 5 TikTok accounts that we think all hospo workers should follow.  You won’t believe who made number 1.

1. Hospo Voice

Alright – we admit, this was rigged. But we really do recommend following our account if you’re interested in learning more about hospitality workers rights, current political issues, union history, or even just extremely relatable hospo memes.

2. Young WorkerS AUSTRALIA

Created by our friends at Australian Unions, Young Workers creates content discussing current political issues and affairs that affect young workers.

3. Arianna Mascaro

A leader in the #hospolife space, Arianna is our go-to for relatable content.

4. Gen Z for Albo

This one’s a little more unfiltered than the official Australian Labor Party TikTok – which is exactly why we like it! Follow Gen Z for Albo for a hot take on what our politicians are up to.

5. Joeschke

In the mood for memes? Check out Joe’s series of hospo videos under #hospoweekend. We can all relate to knowing a  ‘toxic hospo guy’.     


Toxic hospo guy needs a name- Any suggestions? #HospoWeekend #Hospo #fyp #pov

♬ original sound – Joeschke

Want more? Head over to the Hospo Voice to follow us now. And make sure you tag us in your favourite TikToks for hospo workers!

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