Is it too late?

In 2015 I worked a partial ski season in a very busy family run restaurant, myself and 1 other girl were the managers. Each of these events happened on different days roughly unless specified. I’m wondering if it is too late to go to fairwork or seek help as I don’t want this company to get away with it. *one of the owners was a JP and often used that as a sign of intimidation when someone would ask about pay- eg, “I’m a JP of course this is right. Do you have a reason to question it?” •They fired the other girl in early July and didn’t replace her meaning my workload nearly doubled- I did roughly 80-90 hour weeks on my timesheet and they paid me an extra $500 cash per week. •They were racists and consistently said to us to give all asians the Chinese menu, even when they spoke perfect English and placed them all in one section of the restaurant with a waitress who was of Asian descent. •One of the girls working was having an anxiety attack and was having very hard trouble breathing- I went to find one of them and they told me to tell her to pack her bags as she can’t handle the busy period and didn’t want her here then. I didn’t and that’s where it all started going a bit pear shaped. •They would leave the restaurant and tell me that they would be watching on the cameras at home and on the IPad. •I had one day off in 31 days and as a full time employee they didn’t give me any days in leui/ extra pay etc. •They didn’t keep a copy of the workplace agreement/ contract/ handbook etc on site and let everyone sit down on first arrival for 5 minutes to look over it then they took it home so you had to ask for it in Advancr and they would bring it in. Here are the more major if that’s possible. > I had friends come up and visit and was unable to hang out with them because of work- completely fine. I told them to come in for lunch and see where I worked. I sent them over roughly 3 or 4 jugs of beer on me (split off their bill and onto a seperate one, with the full intent to pay) I had told our bartender that this was on me also. After departure the owners told me I had stolen beer from the property by giving it out free. I showed them on the screen that I hadn’t and it was still there and I was going to pay for it as they were my friends etc. After much arguing I told them that I would be finishing my employment at the end of the week. They then called police and said I had stolen the beer and I was questioned (???) I told them to go through all cameras and POS systems and see that I had infact not stolen 3 or 4 jugs of beer. The bar tender stuck up for me and they threatened to fire her. Needless to say I finished up my employment that day. I then went to visit my friends on the mountain where they worked and they worked for my past employers and I was told by my old boss that the Owners had called them and told them I’d stolen from the company and not to give me a reference again. They also emailed my two other references I had of previous employment and said the same. This was beyond awful and I felt I had no references after that and felt embarrassed they had contacted- WITH NO ACTUAL PROOF ETC that I had stolen anything. Even the police found nothing at all ? •The chefs had to take oily cloths and aprons back to the staff accomodation and wash them, one day the laundry caught on fire in the accomodation and I had to call the fire brigade. I knew it was the rags and told the owners and The owners told me if I ever repeated that then I would be fired. They told insurance that it was Lacey underwear. Can i take action or is it too late now? I was 21 and thought I wouldn’t ever get another job if I went to fairwork etc.
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