The hospitality industry is in meltdown because of Covid-19. Hospo workers are losing our shifts and our jobs, with nothing to fall back on. We are scared and hurting.

But we are coming together to support each other, in our union. We are telling our stories. And we are demanding a living wage for every worker affected by this crisis..

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Hospo Voice members are working together and demanding a living wage for every worker affected by this crisis.

Hospo Voice members are organising on the ground right now to support our fellow workers in crisis - with different groups focusing on food, housing, mental health and migrant workers, and more. 

If you're not in hospo, we need you to support us. You can do that by making a one-off or regular donation. 

Your donation will help us fund our fight to make sure the industry that rises from the ashes of Covid-19 is stronger and fairer, where hospo workers are paid properly, treated with respect and we have good secure jobs.