Wage theft, bullying and harassment are endemic to the hospitality industry. But now hospo workers are fighting back, and we need your support.

Together, we've launched Hospo Voice - a bold new 21st century union led by Victorian hospo workers to turn the tables and make hospitality a better place to work. If you work in hospo, it's time to join your union

Hospo Voice members are building a powerful movement of workers and the community to hold employers to account for how they treat hospo workers, through protests, and campaigning online and in the community. Already, we've held some of the biggest wage thieves in the hospitality industry to account, including George Calombaris and the Rockpool Dining Group. 

We've also created game-changing digital tools to put power back in the hands of hospo workers, like, PayChecker and Record My Hours

If you're not in hospo, we need you to support us. You can do that by making a one-off or regular donation.

Your donation will help us supersize our campaigns against employers that mistreat hospo workers, and make sure more workers understand their rights and how to enforce them.