Hospitality workers often don’t have much power. We work our arses off, then get our wages stolen, get sexually harassed, and then we can be shown the door if we dare to stand up for our rights. 

Dodgy bosses know they can get away with it too. But it’s time to turn the tables. 

Introducing Rate My Boss. A new online tool created by hospo workers so we can warn each other about bad bosses, as well as giving each other a heads up about great places to work. 

You can rate your current or former boss anonymously online right now, as well as see how other places you’ve worked are rated. 

And please help spread the word. It’s time to turn the tables. 


About Hospo Voice

Hospo Voice is a new movement of hospo workers coming together to speak out,to stand up for our rights and fight sexual harassment and wage theft. Powered by United Voice. 


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