Want to know the truth about your locals?

Some venues do the right thing and look after their staff.

But there are others who are creeps and rip their workers off on the regular. And now you can do something about it.

Introducing FairPlate.org.au. It’s a website created by hospitality workers where you can see what’s really happening under the table.

Hospitality staff have left thousands of reviews to show you which places are stealing wages and treating people like crap.

And you can also see Fair Plate Certified restaurants, cafés, clubs and pubs that are on the level.

With Fair Plate you can find out what the staff really think and feel good about where you go.

FairPlate.org.au has been built by Hospo Voice. Hospo Voice is Australia’s first digital union, a union of hospo workers standing together to fight wage theft and win respect at work.

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