Hospo workers are fed up with feeling disposable. It’s time to turn the tables on wage theft and sexual harassment.

Hospo Voice is a new union by hospo workers for hospo workers, supporting each other to make hospo a better place to work. Joining Hospo Voice means you’ll be part of a powerful movement of hospo workers taking action to hold employers to account for how they treat us. 

Members have pooled our resources to create a sweet suite of digital tools like PayChecker, Record My Hours and Harassment Diary, to help you understand your rights and hold employers to account. There’s also Hospo Help a forum where you can get advice about your rights and tips on how to win change.

Hospo Voice is a union led by hospo workers, volunteering our time to help build a powerful movement. Hospo workers are helping out by coming to meetings, calling workers, doing social media and talking to employers. If you'd like to volunteer, drop us a line

If you're not in hospo, you can support us by making a donation.

With the power of all of us we can change this industry for good. 

Media enquiries?

Please contact Tim Petterson, 0438 399 973.