Fair plate

A new online tool created by hospo workers so we can warn each other about bad bosses, as well as giving each other a heads up about great places to work.

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Record your hours

No pay slips? No worries. If you're being underpaid, this information will be important evidence you can use to prove you have not been paid properly.

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Stop wage theft

It's time to treat wage theft like the crime it is. Sign the petition to Daniel Andrews to #ChangeTheRules.

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Hospo help

Find out about your rights and get expert advice.

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Chip in. help hospo workers win.

Hospo workers are joining together, and we’re turning the tables on wage theft and sexual harassment. But we can’t win without your support.

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Pay checker

Are you being ripped off? Now there's a quick, easy way to find out what you should be paid.

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