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Hundreds of young women spoke out about their experience of sexual harassment in hospitality in our survey. And the results are horrifying: 89% have been sexually harassed at work, 19% have been sexually assaulted.

Every day hospo workers face humiliating and sexually suggestive remarks from customers, managers and co-workers, as well as being bullied, groped and threatened.

It’s got to stop. So that’s why dozens of hospo workers have come together to develop a powerful campaign to make our venues safe for everyone and stamp out sexual harassment in hospitality.

Dozens of venues around the country have pledged to make respect the rule in their workplaces and adopt a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.

Here’s what we ask venues to pledge:

  • Demonstrate zero tolerance including removing patrons who sexually harass staff or patrons
  • Promote zero tolerance by displaying a Respect is the Rule window sticker and posters in patron and staff areas
  • Establish a contact person for complaints, questions and concerns
  • Show managers and staff the Respect is the Rule training video (below)
  • Distribute Respect is the Rule fact sheets to all managers and staff
Minimum Dips, Collingwood – Respect is the Rule venue

What is sexual harassment and what can you do if it’s happening at your workplace?

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